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Community Involvement

The FilterBoxx team and their families believe in the power of giving back to the community.   Together, we all share this passion and enjoy doing our part to give back to local communities and charities.

Here are some of the recent organizations that we have had the honor to support:   

  • Ronald McDonald House of Southern Alberta 
  • Unicef Water for Life Gala
  • Calgary Drop In Centre
  • Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S Pro-Am Hockey Tournament
  • Heaven Can Wait Rescue Foundation
  • Salvation Army
  • 2013 Flood Recovery Assistance
  • Veterans Food Bank
  • Interfaith Food Bank
  • The Mustard Seed
  • Fort McMurray Wild Fire Relief
  • Various community teams and associations

“Every day, over 1,000 people walk through The Calgary Drop-In Centre’s front door seeking help.  Some may need a shower & shave, and most are hungry.  Every person deserves our care and support -however, the Calgary Drop-In has a very limited budget.  “In fact,” says The DI’s head chef Glen Pereira, “We don’t have the funds to provide nourishing meals for our clients.”  Nor does the Drop-In have the necessary funds for hygiene products; meal sponsorship and hygiene donations help bridge that gap.  At The DI, no one is turned away hungry or because they are dirty.  The DI is open 24/7/365, we never close.  Although it can be a challenge to feed and care for such a large group of people every single day … THANKS to the generous volunteering, caring and selfless giving by our FilterBoxx Team, we can successfully do so! “

– Sophie Charko, The Calgary Drop In Centre


” Without people like you this House would not be a home.  You have shown true compassion to the many families at our House with your large assortment of quality toys.  We know it takes time, effort and resources to bring these special gifts to our House.  Thank you for thinking of us”

– Larry Mathieson, Chief Executive Director at Ronald McDonald House


” The team at Filterboxx is one of the Drop-In Centre’s most generous donors.  When personal hygiene items, clothing or other vital resources are in short-supply, the Filterboxx team always steps up to ensure peoples’ needs are met.  Thanks to support from groups like Filterboxx, the Drop-In  is able to help thousands of Calgarians live, learn and thrive. Thank you Filterboxx!”

– Mark Powers, Manager Fund Development at The Calgary Drop In Centre