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Innovation & Technology

Working closely with many of the largest Oil & Gas Companies in Canada, FilterBoxx is at the forefront of introducing and testing new technologies and processes for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), produced water and process wastewater treatment, high strength BOD/COD, heavy metals removal, sludge dewatering, and many other applications.

 We pride ourselves at identifying and implementing a solution quickly and efficiently. Once a solution has been identified, one of our Pilot Plants is fitted with the necessary equipment and mobilized to site. Our pilots are skid mounted, fully self-contained and are capable of operating in Class 1 Div 2 plant site or battery environments.

FilterBoxx is a leader in implementing ceramic membrane technology solutions for treating oil/water separation in oil and gas applications. Ceramic is an ideal choice for high temperature, abrasive applications, commonly found in the oil and gas industry.

 Our processes have been successfully demonstrated on various oilsand and heavy oil applications. We have experience with many other types of industrial water applications where ceramic membranes have proven to be a benefit.

R&D Pilot Plants

FilterBoxx R&D Pilot Plants are factory assembled systems designed to be trucked to a client’s plant operations site for ease of installation and start up. 

Once a solution to a client’s water/oil process problem has been determined through our in-house lab testing and analysis, one of the pilot plants is customized to the client’s application and deployed to site. Pilot units typically operate 24 hours per day for duration of 1-6 months to simulate actual operations.

Lab Testing

Do you require a solution for a specific industrial water process or require removal of impurities from a solution?  FilterBoxx can test your water and provide an assessment specifying a technology or process to address your problem.  Some industrial and municipal examples include potable water, waste water reuse, oil-water separation, and solids removal.  

FilterBoxx invites you to contact us about your industrial application. We have a four step process to determine if we can help. 

  1. Contact us and discuss your technical challenge and the required outcome that you expect.  This may include providing several water, oil or solids analysis parameters. We will research the problem and let you know if we can help and if we can, provide a cost effective proposal for lab testing.
  2. Submit a sample of your process/industrial fluid for lab testing a 5 gallon pail is usually all that is required.  We will run a series of bench tests to determine if we have a technology or process that has a good chance of working in the field. A small disposal fee will be levied for safe disposal of the process water sample.
  3. If we think we can help, we will develop a proposal to test the process, including in one of our Pilot Plants if applicable. We will customize one of our Pilot Plants to operate on your site within your field setting.  Data will be collected over a 1-6 month pilot period.
  4. Our engineers will analyze the data and compile a project report with performance results, recommendations and cost estimates to determine if a full scale plant is economical.