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FilterBoxx is a recognized leader in the design and supply of packaged and modular water and wastewater solutions. These include both industrial water and wastewater treatment systems for a broad range of industries. We have also provided drinking water systems and sanitary wastewater treatment packaged units in plants, facilities and camps around the globe.

IntroPageSpecialized teams of engineering, business and industry experts paired with a fierce dedication to product superiority and quality have driven our success at FilterBoxx. As we continue to grow, our focus on innovation, technology and excellence is unwavering, earning us a leading industry position for delivering Value-Engineered Solutions. We are proud to offer clients our broad experience spanning several industries and continents, allowing us to develop custom-engineered solutions for their water and wastewater treatment requirements. Our product knowledge ranges from conventional treatment processes to the latest advancements in membrane-based technologies on both water and wastewater treatment.

Not only are our treatment solutions deemed “innovative”, “robust”, and “dependable” by many,
but also they are designed and constructed in a manner that enables the systems to be transported with ease and rapidly commissioned on site. Our standard product lines are designed for simple transport and arrive on site ready for installation, allowing for start-up within days of arrival. This approach saves valuable installation time, provides on-time delivery, project cost certainty, and, most importantly, delivers vital water solutions on-site immediately.

Our clients rely on FilterBoxx treatment systems for one of their most vital on-site resources, and we respond with safe, dependable, high quality systems. Whether you require fresh and safe drinking water, the treatment of wastewater, or the innovative transformation of process water for site re-use, camp, or municipality, FilterBoxx has a leading and technology-driven solution to meet your needs, providing innovation in every “box”.


Unique to FilterBoxx is our experience and capability to offer complete turn-key services. The FilterBoxx team is a dedicated group of individuals who have the proven ability to support all  projects from start to finish.


FilterBoxx operates and supports water and wastewater treatment plants across Canada and the United States of America. This service is provided on both a short term and multi-year contract basis. In addition to complete site operational services most of our treatment systems utilize remote monitoring capabilities that can support the local plant operator.