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There are growing pressures on mines to be more considerate to the source of water they use, and the amount of water they draw. In some more extreme cases, the lack of water has caused some mines to shut down completely, and having obvious negative financial impact to the bottom line.  Water treatment needs is often over simplified or over looked in the planning stage, and rarely valued as a critical stage in the development of the mine.

While some waters remain constant over time such as large ground water reserves, surface waters can vary considerably.  There are even varied standards to the quality water be generated inclusive of national drinking water standards, or WHO (World Health Organization), and even mandated regulated standards versus aesthetic objectives.  Other plant process standards such as boiler feed, cooling, process make-up may be cause for additional treatment steps beyond the primary methods.  FilterBoxx works closely with you and your team to help define the appropriate solution that matches the influent criteria and treatment objectives of the camp, process and plant.

FilterBoxx has domain expertise in providing solutions that include greensand filtration, arsenic filtration, media filtration, activated carbon, direct filtration, enhanced coagulation, conventional clarification, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis and even polishing ion exchange. 

FilterBoxx solutions include treatment systems for coloured water, groundwater, brackish water, groundwater under influence (GUDI), surface water, and desalination.  FilterBoxx provides complimentary storage, disinfection and distribution systems to meet the plant and camp needs.

FilterBoxx is focused on providing PROVEN, MODULAR solutions to the mining sector.  If you need help to take that next step to RELIABILITY, PERFORMANCE, SAVINGS and COMPLIANCE then contact FilterBoxx.  We help you derive the solution you’ve been looking for.

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