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Plant Operations

FilterBoxx provides a complete range of water and wastewater treatment plant Operation Services that supports contract Plant Operations of client owned treatment equipment, Operations of new FilterBoxx water and wastewater installations as well as Operations of the FilterBoxx fleet of mobile rental treatment equipment.

 Plant_MWFilterBoxx supports short and long term contract operations with experience in operating MBR, MBBR, extended aeration, submerged UF, and many other wastewater treatment processes, like this one at a 1200 man camp in central Alberta.

Our trained and certified staff is experienced in the treatment of high quality groundwater for potable water use; using multi-media filters, green sand filters, RO and Nano filtration systems. Coupled with UV and chlorination systems for disinfectant, and a rigorous testing program; you are assured of high quality, safe, treated water at site. 


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FilterBoxx operates potable water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities servicing over 10,000 beds each for our clients in Alberta and BC. Treatment facilities range in size from 100 beds to 3000 beds.

 Our familiarity with the design, engineering and performance of FilterBoxx treatment systems and water treatment systems in general enables us to be a valued on-site operation and service partner for our clients.

Our understanding of the critical nature of water to your operations, the challenges of remote operations along with our experience in water and wastewater treatment systems is far reaching, ensuring that the best available water and wastewater resources are brought to your site.

Comprehensive service is available for every FilterBoxx solution, ensuring your technical and operational requirements are met by our fully qualified and experienced professionals.



  •  3,500 person Potable & Wastewater Treatment Plant – Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • 3,000 person Wastewater & Potable Water Treatment Plant – Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • 250 person Wastewater Treatment Plant – Dunvegan Camp, Alberta
  • 1600 person and 1,000 person Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants – Christina Lake, Alberta
  • 1600 person Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants – Foster Creek, Alberta
  • 750 person Wastewater Treatment Plant & Water Treatment Plant – Horn River, British Columbia
  • 1200 person Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant – Conklin, Alberta
  • 600 person Wastewater Plant- Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • 500 person Wastewater Treatment Plant – Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • 200 Person Wastewater Treatment Plant – Komie Camp, British Columbia
  • 100 person Wastewater Treatment Plant – Liard South, British Columbia
  • 100 person Wastewater Treatment Plant – Liard North, British Columbia
  • 175 person Wastewater Treatment Plant – Stewart, British Columbia
  • 25 person Wastewater Treatment Plant – Piceance Basin, Colorado
  • 25 person Wastewater Treatment Plant – DJ Basin, Colorado