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Quality Assurance and Quality Control – The FilterBoxx Difference

Today, being certified as conformant to ISO 9001 is just the entry level criteria of operating a robust Quality Management System (QMS). FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp maintains a QMS that encompasses the entire organization and has certified the FilterBoxx Package Water Solutions Inc. QMS as conformant to ISO 9001.

The real quality differentiator that elevates FilterBoxx above the competition is our 360° approach.

  • We start with a detailed review and analysis of our Customers’ needs, and customize our product and service offering to provide value to our Clients.
  • Our Engineering and Design team selects and applies industry best practices to continuously enhance our plants’ performance, reliability and safety. Beside the HAZOP reviews, we also perform a value engineering review on our plant designs. Within each plant, placement of field connections is critical to reduce the total installed cost. Field tie-in connection points are carefully designed and strategically located to minimize customer pipe runs and facilitate installation. We can also provide regulatory applications and permitting services.
  • Our risk based, comprehensive supplier qualification system ensures our suppliers and subcontractors provide the consistent high quality workmanship we need to build into our products. FilterBoxx’s experienced quality inspectors actively participate in and witness testing at fabricators’ site and complete Factory Acceptance Tests prior to shipping.
  • FilterBoxx Energy Services has been providing our modular plants operations and maintenance services for more than a decade. This unique, invaluable operating experience is immediately translated into continuous engineering and design improvements to the benefit of our Customers. Operations services are provided by our fully certified/licensed Plant Operators.
  • Our plant control systems are thoroughly tested in our design lab, exceeding industry standards. Once the code passes the tests on our lab equipment, the same test procedure is repeated on the actual control hardware and HMI interface.

iso certified filterboxx

  • FilterBoxx possesses extensive experience and an excellent track record of plant remote monitoring and control; even in the most remote locations. Not only can we monitor and control our plants, but we have the capability to upload modified control programs and to provide full flexibility of meeting plant operating requirements.
  • Our carefully planned, executed and documented “wet tests” represent the last step prior to shipping our plants to site. All equipment is pre-fitted and wet tested prior to shipment. The factory acceptance testing is conducted by our Process Services Group; the same personnel supporting the field erection and start-up. This ensures smooth field installation, and start-up. In addition, this reduces the total installed cost to our Customers and improves the reliability as compared to competitive equipment.

The results of all of these efforts are measured by key performance indicators in Customer satisfaction that we simply express in repeat business. The growing list of our repeat Customers includes several Fortune 500 companies, where Safety, Value, Cost and Reliability are paramount. Our heavy duty packaged and modular plants are engineered and designed to operate at extreme environmental conditions in remote locations from the Middle East to the Artic and across the Canadian Oil Sands, all to full Customer satisfaction!