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RemoteBoxx Standard Products

The RemoteBoxx­TM is a STANDARD product designed and pre-engineered for a range of flows and configurations The units include a MOBILE MBR packaged wastewater treatment system that incorporates screening, biological treatment systems, filtration equipment, disinfection, heating, ventilation and a PLC/HMI controls system.  The submerged hollow fiber ultrafiltration system used in the MBR produces SUPERIOR effluent quality while operating in a compact high solids wastewater environment. 

Click here to view the RemoteBoxxTM product specification sheet.

Standard features include:

  • Fully insulated building enclosure with industry-standard shipping dimensions
  • Indoor operator area, which includes heating, ventilation and standard and emergency lighting
  • Fine screening system including screenings compactor
  • Integral aerated combined equalizer/bioreactor tank with diffuser grid
  • Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane system for reuse-quality effluent
  • Membrane tank with side-loading access door for ease of membrane installation/access
  • Membrane chemical cleaning system
  • Pumps, blowers, tanks and other equipment located and accessible from within the building enclosure
  • Plant start-up and operator training

Additional features & options include:

    • Upstream flow equalization
    • Waste sludge thickening or dewatering
    • Chemical systems for phosphorus removal or PH control
    • Effluent systems including turbidity analyzer, UV disinfection, chlorine disinfection and effluent composite sampler
    • Maintenance packages including spare parts and/or service contracts
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Remote monitoring data analysis and tracking
    • Building air conditioning
    • Base skids for roll-off or installation on piles
    • Safety package (fire extinguisher, eye wash station, first aid, etc.)
    • Various voltages available for versatility