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Oil Sands

Water management in all areas of the oilsands, including both mining and SAGD, affects plant economics, current and future regulatory requirements and public perception and policy. FilterBoxx has spent the last 15+ years working in all aspects of oilsands water and wastewater treatment. Specific applications and treatment include; mine process affected water, basal water and produced water from both SAGD and water make-up to polymer floods.

Treatment technologies utilized cover the complete spectrum from oil-water separation using flotation and conventional filtration to ion exchange and advanced membrane separation including ceramic membranes. Technology development is enhanced with our ability perform pilot field  testing to confirm technology selection and process optimization. In combination with our understand and application of water and wastewater treatment is our ability to package and modularize these technologies for the oilsands. Technical and operational support for FilterBoxx installations are managed from our offices in Calgary and Edmonton.

We also support the oilsands with our mobile fleet of water and wastewater treatment systems that are deployable in all winter conditions.

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