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Rig & Camp System Rentals


Our clients achieve significant operational cost savings through our industry-leading wastewater plant rentals when compared with trucking wastewater off-site. Our rental equipment saves our clients thousands of dollars per year compared to trucking just 50km or 30 miles to a disposal facility.  Because our solutions are designed to meet and exceed environmental standards, our customers can rest assured that their operations run efficiently and effectively. Our team of on-site technical professionals works to ensure systems achieve maximum performance, while our Environmental Regulatory team provides support in applying for and securing discharge, and all other permits relevant to your operating jurisdiction. 

We work with our clients to provide on-site Plant Operations where needed and ongoing regulatory reporting, laboratory sampling and field testing to ensure your effluent water quality meets and exceeds site requirements.


With one of the largest rental programs in the industry, our rental fleet features fully engineered water and wastewater treatment plants designed to service sites with 20 to 1,000+ people, fully tailored to meet your needs.  Our rental program focuses on providing superior equipment and plants ideal for heavy-duty rig and base camp operations and temporary accommodations. Our portable, skid-based systems are engineered for the highest quality water treatment solutions perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your crew or community, without the investment of ownership and the concern of ongoing maintenance. Our accessible team of operators can oversee the operation of your rental units, ensuring safety, cost efficiency and, most importantly, the delivery of trouble-free water solutions.

Drinking Water Treatment PlantsCapture

  • 450 person water treatment units available
  • Portable, skid based units for easy transport and setup
  • Treatment process for iron, manganese, arsenic, color, TDS and TSS
  • Custom design for any constituent
  • Designed to treat well or surface water to Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Custom designs for 50 to 10,000 persons – we build to suit!Chemical Feed System

Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • 20 person Keg style wastewater treatment units for rigs or camps
  • 50 person to 300 person wastewater treatment units available
  • Portable, skid based units for easy transport and set up
  • Custom designs from 350 to 3,000 persons
  • Treated effluent to meet local regulatory guidelines

Support Equipment Rentalstank

  • 63m3 vertical and 120m3 horizontal insulated and heated sewage storage tanks
  • 63m3 vertical and 150m3 horizontal potable water storage tanks
  • Water distribution and storage buildings
  • Lift stations in any size
  • Various other support equipment for rent, call us today!