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Camp operations demand simplicity, modularity, flexibility, performance and compliance from their sanitary wastewater plants.  The FilterBoxx solution delivers on all these counts.

In the past, dealing with camp waste has been little more than digging a hole or using sceptic tanks.  These methods provide very little protection and optimal performance where large load swings are common, they are difficult to implement since poor percolation is common and space is a premium for the plants and the septic fields, they now push the boundaries of reliable acceptance since environmental regulations are becoming much more strict and nutrient removal is becoming critical.

FilterBoxx has a complete product line for conventional and advanced treatment systems that meet all these criteria.  They are MOBILE and easily mobilized and demobilized as the camp moves or nears end of mine-life.  The plants are MODULAR and are easily expanded to match construction manpower loads or operational loads at a later time. Plant automation minimizes operator input requirements, SIMPLIFYING the day-to-day operation of the plant.  FilterBoxx’s GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE ensures the plants meet the most stringent of discharge COMPLIANT regulations, and generates an effluent that is suitable for direct re-use should the camp need for dust suppression or other non-potable water use needs.

FilterBoxx’s products cover a range of flows for camps supporting 10 people to 6,000 people.  FilterBoxx plants include several options for sludge management and  dewatering to help minimize the residual management operating costs of the facility. 

FilterBoxx plants are built with all environmental controls to ensure operational norms in the arctic winter to dry arid desert regions. FilterBoxx designs and fabricates using the highest quality of components and materials to ensure sustainable performance and value to your operation. FilterBoxx provides robust, reliable, effective, efficient and simple systems.