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Environmental & Regulatory

FilterBoxx is an industry frontrunner in environmental compliance, achieving high quality wastewater treatment standards, and reliably achieving safe drinking water standards. With an environmental team overseeing sampling requirements and scrutinizing laboratory results, FilterBoxx maintains a superior level of Accountability and Quality Control.

Through the fostering of excellent working relationships with regulatory bodies, in both Canada and in the United States, open lines of communication have established an efficient exchange of information on the latest regulatory developments. FilterBoxx prides itself on timely acquisition and steadfast adherence to the required permits to operate our plants. Cutting edge Technology and diverse industry applications are key elements of FilterBoxx’s core business values and has prompted collaboration at the government level around new best-practices and regulations.

At FilterBoxx we aim to preserve the long-term health, function, and viability of the natural environments affected by our operations. To achieve this:

  • We act as responsible stewards and operate to leading practice environmental standards;
  • We eliminate, mitigate or remediate the environmental impacts of our activities;
  • We continually improve the efficiency with which we use raw materials, energy and natural resources;
  • We reduce harmful emissions to air, water and land;
  • We reduce wastes and the toxicity of our wastes;
  • We prevent or mitigate the impacts of adverse environmental incidents.

Through the use of Innovative Technologies and progressive environmental practices, FilterBoxx continually strives to reduce effects on the receiving environment while providing Superior water and wastewater solutions to industry.