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General Industry

The treatment of industrial wastewater requires a variety of strategies and technology competencies. Depending on the nature of the contaminant which can range from, suspended solids, TDS, organics and grease or metals reduction, treatment options can vary both in terms of costs and operational complexity. 

The decision to treat and re-use, or treat and release to the environment is dependent or governed by several factors including, but not limited to economic drivers and government regulatory compliance.

FilterBoxx has used a wide range of both conventional and membrane-based technologies across many industries to treat wastewater. Our capabilities and experience originate in our ability to understand complex wastewater applications that require multi-step treatment processes where there are effluent quality restrictions. We also work with our clients to develop treatment options where wastewater reuse is being considered or potentially required due to changes in regulations. As a part of our solutions-based approach to treatment, we often utilize our piloting capabilities to verify to confirm wastewater treatability and confirm process selection. 

We also have comprehensive understanding of solids treatment and handling, as it relates to the by-products generated in the treatment of wastewater.

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