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Industrial Mobile Treatment

Is your plant water treatment system undersized or shut down for maintenance? Does your plant require additional treated water volumes that your current system cannot provide? From emergency relief, to planned expansion or even full-scale demonstration or pilot, temporary use of full-scale water or wastewater treatment plant can be the best solution for your project needs.

On a contract basis, FilterBoxx can provide biological, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange systems in standard 40’ trailers. And we will operate the systems for you to ensure that you get the quality and quantity of water that you need, when you need it.

Our water process experts will start with your raw water analysis to develop the required solution for you using our mobile assets. Throughout the contract, FilterBoxx will ensure that the system is operated and maintained properly so that you have a reliable, cost-effective source of treated water for your plant.

FilterBoxx has a diverse stable of full scale, mobile water and wastewater treatment plants available for short term or long-term rental.  The fleet includes conventional water treatment and even RO while the wastewater fleet includes Ultrafiltration, activated sludge and MBR.

Your project needs may be met with one of these units, several of these units integrated together for larger flows, or even integrated technologies for primary treatment with polishing treatment for high quality recycle applications.

FilterBoxx’s mobile fleet is complimented with an interconnecting hose, insulated and no-insulated, diesel power generator if needed, lift stations and pumping stations.  FilterBoxx provides the project management, field commissioning and site operations personnel to ensure timely execution and stable operation of your temporary plant.

Call FilterBoxx and let us work with you to define the right mobile solution and plan out your project to ensure your satisfaction.