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Innovation & Technology

FilterBoxx is at the forefront in introducing and testing new technologies and processes for advanced biological process wastewater treatment, high strength BOD/COD, heavy metals removal, sludge dewatering, and many other applications.

FilterBoxx is a leader in implementing ceramic membrane technology solutions for treating oil/water separation in oil and gas applications. Ceramic is an ideal choice for high temperature, abrasive applications, commonly found in the oil and gas industry.

Pilot Plants

FilterBoxx’s full-scale rental plants are factory assembled systems designed to be trucked to a client’s plant operations site for ease of installation and start up. 

Once a solution to a client’s water/oil process problem has been determined through our in-house lab testing and analysis, one of the rental plants is customized to the client’s application and deployed to site. Rental units used for pilots typically operate 24 hours per day for the duration of 1-6 months to simulate actual operations.

Lab Testing

FilterBoxx can test your water and provide an assessment specifying a technology or process to address your problem.  Some industrial and municipal examples include potable water, wastewater reuse, oil-water separation, and solids removal.