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Wastewater generated from mining operations is as diverse as the minerals being extracted.  The nature of treatment is directly impacted by the complex nature of the extraction process and the climate where the mine is located be it in the dry cold and arid region of the arctic, or the subtropical environments of the southern hemisphere.

Mines generate several unique waters for treatment inclusive of heap leach, mine tailings, concentrators, and production wastewaters generated from pit or shaft drainage and even acid mine drainage.

There are no standard solutions that meet all these applications.  However, it is the FilterBoxx KNOWLEDGE on which TECHNOLOGIES are most appropriate that is a key to having a successful project.  FilterBoxx has the expertise in bringing together the design, process and technology together to meet the rigors of the application and the goals of treatment.

FilterBoxx is focused on providing PROVEN, MODULAR solutions to the mining sector.  If you need help to take that next step to RELIABILITY, PERFORMANCE, SAVINGS and COMPLIANCE then contact FilterBoxx.  We help you derive the solution you’ve been looking for.

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