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FilterBoxx Announces Award of Large Operations & Maintenance Contract

Calgary, Alberta (April 4, 2016): Mr. Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer at FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. (“FilterBoxx” or “the Corporation”) hereby announcesthat FilterBoxx Energy Services Inc., has been awarded a three year operations and maintenance contract for a significant oil and gas producer at their SAGD site in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

FilterBoxx will operate a total of seven treatment plants, four potable plants and three wastewater plants including all ancillary equipment as well as the distribution and collections systems. “FilterBoxx has been operating and maintaining camp-based utility systems in Western Canada since 2006. As a result of this experience, FilterBoxx has developed a highly trained and rigorous Plant Operations and Maintenance group recognized by our customers for Safety, Environmental Stewardship and Plant Performance Optimization” comments Novachis. We offer cost-effective superior services which has led us to become one of the largest private operations groups in Canada” he adds.

In addition to operations, our engineering and environmental team will also play a significant role in this project with process engineering support, as well as ensuring environmental compliance for the SAGD site. “This is of paramount importance to the client and FilterBoxx will take on a leadership role in the effort, thereby eliminating the operations risk from the client” he comments.

About FilterBoxx Water & Environmental

FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. operates subsidiaries as FilterBoxx Packaged Water Solutions and FilterBoxx Energy Services. Packaged Water Solutions is solutions based supplier of standard and custom water   and wastewater treatment   systems. FilterBoxx Energy Services provides   Rental Equipment, Services and Plant Operations to our rental fleet of water and wastewater treatment systems. Energy Services also supports our Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO) plants operating throughout Canada and the USA.

For more information please contact:

Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer

FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp,

Tel: (403) 203-4747

Krystal Markiewicz, Executive Assistant

Tel: (403) 444-8580