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Plant Operations and Process Services

Plant Operation

FilterBoxx provides a complete range of water and wastewater treatment plant Operation Services that supports contract Plant Operations of client-owned treatment equipment, Operations of new FilterBoxx water and wastewater installations as well as Operations of the FilterBoxx fleet of mobile rental treatment equipment.

FilterBoxx supports short and long-term contract operations with experience in operating MBR, MBBR, extended aeration, submerged UF, and many other wastewater treatment processes, like this one at a 1200 persons camp in central Alberta.

Our trained and certified staff is experienced in the treatment of high-quality groundwater for potable water use; using multi-media filters, green sand filters, RO and nanofiltration systems. Coupled with UV and chlorination systems for disinfectant, and a rigorous testing program; you are assured of high quality, safe, treated water at the site. 

Performance-Driven Service

FilterBoxx operates potable water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities servicing over 10,000 beds each for our clients in Canada and the US. Treatment facilities range in size from 100 beds to 3000 beds.

Our familiarity with the design, engineering and performance of FilterBoxx treatment systems and water treatment systems in general enables us to be a valued on-site operation and service partner for our clients.

Our understanding of the critical nature of water to your operations, the challenges of remote operations along with our experience in water and wastewater treatment systems is far-reaching, ensuring that the best available water and wastewater resources are brought to your site.

Comprehensive service is available for every FilterBoxx solution, ensuring your technical and operational requirements are met by our fully qualified and experienced professionals.

Process Services

The FilterBoxx Process Services Department is here to support you during the lifecycle of your plant operations.  Please see the following for a list of available post commissioning support services which can easily be tailored to meet your specific needs.  

  • Plant Audits– A comprehensive service visit to review current process conditions, electrical installations, system controls and mechanical operations of the plant and support equipment. Recommendations to improve operations are provided in a detailed audit report.
  • Spare Parts & Consumables– Supply of OEM and 3rd party critical spare parts, general maintenance parts, chemicals and consumables.
  • Onsite Training Services– Provision of general classroom training and site-specific hands-on training for plant operators, maintenance staff and site supervisors on a wide variety of topics. Led by our experienced Field Service Representative, this high-value service offering will have a lasting impact on all aspects of plant operations.
  • Auto-dialer installations for 24-hour call-out– Contracted service to provide 24-hour call out to an on-site operator for specific alarms in the plant.
  • Remote Access Services– Contracted service to allow for remote access to the plant’s HMI / PLC by a FilterBoxx programmer. This service facilitates rapid technical support and allows for cost-effect programming changes and system troubleshooting by avoiding the need to rush a programmer to site. 
  • 24/7 Technical Support– Contracted service to allow for access to a FilterBoxx Process Services specialist for emergency issue troubleshooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Plant Upgrades– Complete mechanical, electrical and programming upgrades to suit client needs for increased plant efficiency and process improvements.
  • Planned Maintenance– Contracted service visits to perform maintenance checks, review operations and provide recommendations to improve operations with a detailed service visit report
  • Emergency Maintenance– Contracted service to perform emergency onsite system troubleshooting and equipment repair or replacement.
  • Preventative Maintenance– Conduct an audit of the plant, review OEM documents and provide a planned preventative maintenance program for the equipment and ancillary support services.
  • Documentation Development– Development of specific training programs for the equipment on-site, writing of Standard Operating Procedures and development of key checklists

Please contact the Process Services Department at 1-780-960-0999 (ask for Customer Care) or services@filterboxx.com for further information, references or any of the service offerings outlined above!