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Water & Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater or water treatment requirements are not the same, and many are unique in some way.  FilterBoxx reviews each opportunity with a fresh perspective and with the ambition to develop the solution that is technically robust, and economically sound with the appropriate risk mitigation strategy and bundled in a delivery framework that meets the client’s logistic demands and site constraints.

FilterBoxx was approached with the opportunity to construct an onsite heavy metals removal process for discharge to very tight standards.  In discussion with the client we came to learn that the client was undergoing significant facility updates at the same time.  FilterBoxx presented the opportunity to design and deliver a modular building treatment plant with a robust precipitation and clarification process with sludge dewatering.  Not only did it meet the process demands of the application and discharge regulations, but it also eliminated the additional site works that would have been necessary for the construction of the plant and delivered the project on budget and ahead of schedule.  This unique solution provided a very controlled structural build system that allowed the customer to focus on the plant upgrades and be assured that the project was managed in a manner that met all their requirements.

When confronted with the challenge of upgrading an existing biological plant that had failed, and built in the base of a constructed concrete dam, FilterBoxx presented the opportunity to built part of the upgraded MBR plant in situ while constructing the balance of the operation skids in a factory setting and having them lowered down the access shaft and assembled into a full-scale integrated MBR wastewater treatment plant at the base of the dam.