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OIL & GAS market

FilterBoxx has been providing robust solutions to our Oil & Gas clients for over 20 years

Oil & Gas Market

Water and wastewater management in all areas of the upstream oil and gas industry are driven by economics, the ability to easily transport and service equipment in remote locations and treat the water and wastewater to meet and exceed local regulatory requirements.


FilterBoxx has 20 years of experience providing cost effective, compliant solutions by supplying water and wastewater treatment systems for work camps and rental equipment for rig sites, completions sites, rig camps and command centers.

FilterBoxx provide compact modular solutions for a variety of needs for Rig Site, Completion sites and work camps that can range form 20 people to 8,000. The containerized solutions are ideal for remote and rugged locations. These units are easy to mobilize, start-up, commission and operate.

Providing simple and economical oil drilling rig pad utility solutions, completion pad wastewater treatment solutions, and workforce accommodation camps water and wastewater solutions