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a simple, compact, compliant sanitary wastewater treatment solution for your completions pad

FilterBoxx “Keg” MBBR sanitary wastewater treatment systems

For smaller populations with less than 25 persons; the FilterBoxx “Keg” MBBR sanitary wastewater treatment systems are compact and economical; perfect for completions sites, security sites and command centers.

FilterBoxx provides complete rigs site service from installation, lift stations, interconnecting hose, water storage tanks, sludge storage tanks, electrical distribution, system setup and commissioning, routine service, breakdown and deployment.

If you need robust, compact, flexible, simple wastewater treatment, contact FilterBoxx today.

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  • Insulated stainless steel treatment tank
  • Aeration blower
  • Coarse bubble diffusors
  • Aeration piping
  • Submerged fixed film media
  • Submersible effluent pump
  • Submersible solids transfer pump
  • Main control panel with weatherproof enclosure
  • This Unit is Skidded with Dimensions – 30'L x 8'W x 6' H Weight - 15,000 lbs.

Design Treatment Capacity

The influent wastewater flow rate upon which the proposed treatment system has been designed is 6.0 m3/day average.

Influent Wastewater Quality

The proposed treatment system is designed on the wastewater quality summarized in the following table.


BOD5400 mg/L
TSS400 mg/L
TKN45 mg/L
NH3-N36 mg/L

12 mg/L

Minimum Temperature10 °C
Alkalinity (Note 2)N/A
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