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Environment & Sustainability

With our experienced environmental team, FilterBoxx assists our customers with technology selection and environmental sampling always with an eye on Quality Control.

One of our core competencies is helping our customers achieve environmental and regulatory compliance be it treating wastewater to high quality standards prior to discharge, to meet regulated drinking water standards, or to meet purpose-driven process water quality requirements.

Over the years, FilterBoxx has prompted collaboration at the government level around new best-practices and regulations to make our customers’ jobs easier.

We quantitatively track our emissions and environmental footprint to continuously monitor, measure and minimize our impact for future generations.

At FilterBoxx, we endeavor to preserve the long-term health, function, and viability of the natural environment. We provide leading technological solutions and implement safe working practices to eliminate or minimize the impact on the environment. 

 As a leading technology solutions provider in water and wastewater treatment, FilterBoxx offers technologies that can be used for the re-use and recycling of wastewater. Such technologies are key to conserving water and replenishing our valuable water supplies.

At FilterBoxx, we also believe that all employees and contractors should minimize disturbances to all ecosystems and to the environment while working on company and client worksites. We work closely with our vendors and suppliers to ensure they are aligned and practice these same standards.