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Drilling &

FilterBoxx’ single modular solutions are tailored to support utility needs for onsite drilling and completions activities!

Drilling and Completions

Why choose FilterBoxx as your onsite drilling and completions partner?

  • Superior equipment,
  • Superior service,
  • Convenience in one vendor, one load, and one invoice,
  • Permit and environmental compliance support,
  • Robust safety program.


FilterBoxx provides two types of systems.

The unique Combo system that provides power generation, wastewater treatment, lighting, and water storage that includes,

  • 100kW natural gas power generation with diesel backup generation (select units), or125kW diesel power generation with full redundancy,
  • Wastewater treatment for up to 30 persons,
  • LED light towers.


The Keg system that includes,

  • Wastewater treatment for up to 30 persons


FilterBoxx also provides full onsite servicing and ancillary equipment including:

  • Mobilization, demobilization, and moves between sites,
  • Plumbing and winterization of wellsite units,
  • Lift stations and sewerage hose,
  • Electrical panels.

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