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Technical Services Solutions

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Technical Services Solutions

Need to get the best out of your water and wastewater treatment system? Planning a facility upgrade? Has plant maintenance become a priority? Is it time to invest back into your water and wastewater systems? Contact us today.


With over 20 years providing robust water and wastewater treatment systems and services, FilterBoxx has the team of highly skilled water and wastewater process, mechanical, electrical and control experts to help you get the most out of your water treatment systems.


Whether it is

  • Completing a system audit to identify areas of excellence or concern
  • Optimizing process and performance
  • Repair or replacement of existing equipment
  • Upgrading equipment
  • Commissioning of new or used systems
  • Replacement parts, spare parts and consumables
  • Improving membrane performance and better results from your CIP
  • Upgrading your polymeric membranes to Silicon Carbide ceramic membranes
  • Operations and maintenance training for your operations staff, or
  • Replacing your plant entirely,
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